Ep 947: In Praise of Brexit, A Lament For The Donald

Brendan O'Neill, Editor of Spiked Online, talks to Eamon.

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Ep 946: Covid-19 Vaccine - A Triumph For Science and Humanity

Professor Gerry Killeen, Research Chair in Applied Pathogen Ecology at UCC, talks to Eamon.

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Ep 945: Life After The Pandemic - A Good News Story

Naomi O'Leary, Europe Correspondent for The Irish Times and Host of The Irish Passport, talks to Eamon about how we could live and work in the future.

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Focus: Robert Fisk – 1946-2020

Robert was one of the great journalists, a brave and passionate man, totally committed to truth and justice. May he rest in peace. — Eamon

Ep 797: Robert Fisk - No End to Israeli Expansion

Robert Fisk talks to Eamon about growing moves by Israel to annex the West Bank.

Ep 622: Robert Fisk

Robert Fisk, Middle East reporter for the Independent, talks to Eamon about Trump's plan for peace in Israel, and the fallout from the killing of Iranian general Kassem Suleimani.

Ep 547: Robert Fisk on Trump, Journalism, and the Middle East

The legendary foreign correspondent talks to Eamon about the legacy of Bush and Blair in the Middle East, America's dark days under Trump, and the role of the media today.

Ep 211: Robert Fisk on the age of Trump

Eamon is joined in studio by journalist and writer Robert Fisk to discuss Donald Trump, what his election says about American politics, as well as Brexit, the middle-east and more.

Ep 113: Robert Fisk on Trump and the Middle East

Eamon is joined by journalist Robert Fisk to talk about the crisis in Syria, Donald Trump, and the ongoing issues in the Middle East.

Ep 13: Robert Fisk on War, Journalism and 40 Years in Beirut, Part 1

Eamon Dunphy is joined by the great journalist and foreign correspondent Robert Fisk. Part 2 is available Monday, 15 January on iTunes and SoundCloud.

Eamon Dunphy

Eamon Dunphy

As a former professional and international soccer player Eamon was capped 23 times for Ireland. He has been a writer and broadcaster for over 40 years and written five best selling books including an early memoir Only a Game?, U2’s biography Unforgettable Fire, Sir Matt Busby’s biography A Strange Kind of Glory, Roy Keane’s autobiography Keane, and most recently his own memoir, The Rocky Road.

As a newspaper columnist Eamon has written for a number of newspapers, most notably the Irish Daily Star and the Sunday Independent. He was a contributor to RTÉ’s soccer panel for 40 years and was the editor and presenter of the drivetime radio show The Last Word for five years in the newly established Radio Ireland (now Today FM). Eamon launched The Stand in November 2016.

Focus: Coronavirus

The most pressing social crisis in living memory, discussed and evaluated by the experts.

Ep 938: Covid-19 Vaccine - When Will We Have? How Will It Work?

Professor of Health Systems Anthony Staines talks to Eamon.

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Ep 936: Surge in Cases Tests Sweden's Resolve

As Sweden feels the force of a second wave, Philip O'Connor reports from Stockholm.

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Ep 930: Covid-19 – Great News on the Vaccine, But Some Way To Go Before We're Safe

Cliona O'Farrelly, professor of comparative immunology at Trinity College Dublin, talks to Eamon about the possible impact of a coronavirus vaccine.

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Focus: US Politics

The Trump presidency covered every week, straight from Washington D.C.

Ep 934: Trump Down But By No Means Out

Niall Stanage reports from Washington.

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Ep 927: Trump Falls and Drags America Down With Him

Niall Stanage reports from Washington.

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Ep 926: Trumpism Is Here To Stay, Europe Needs To Prepare

Chris Johns joins Eamon to discuss the likely fallout from the US Presidential election this week.

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