Ep 1791: Putin’s assassination of Prigozhin sends a message to others inclined to dissent

Lithuania-based Russian journalist Dmitry Elovsky talks to Eamon in the aftermath of the death of Yevgeny Prigozhin and other senior members of the Wagner Group. Dmitry Elovsky is Chief Editor for the YouTube channel Khordorkovsky.Live. Before the war in Ukraine began Dmitry was Deputy Editor-in-Chief for TV Rain in Moscow.

Published: 27/08/2023

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Ep 1823: As Europe expands so do its divisions

Suzanne Lynch talks to Eamon about EU ambitions to expand and, as former Prime Minister Fico wins the Slovak election and Poland heads into an election, the new alliances among eastern European countries. Suzanne Lynch is based in Brussels where she is Chief Brussels Correspondent for Politico and host of EU Confidential.

Ep 1822: Department of Health shows little mercy for children in need of care

Senator Tom Clonan talks to Eamon following a meeting of the Oireachtas Health Committee to discuss children's spinal surgery at Temple Street and Crumlin Children's Hospitals. Tom talks about the failure of the Irish state to implement a dependable and resilient policy for children's health.

Ep 1821: The Manchester United mess down to the owners, the Glazers

John Giles joins Eamon to review some of the weekend's Premier League matches. They also talk about VAR and ask is it time to get rid of if?