Ep 607: Surfing the Green Wave

Seán McCabe, a Green Party candidate for Meath East in the upcoming election, talks to Eamon.

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Published: 01/17/2020 google_podcasts_badge_svg Created with Sketch.

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Ep 756: Millennials – The Jinxed Generation

Karl Deeter, housing expert and financial advisor with Yes.ie, talks to Eamon about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on our cities and their housing markets.

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Ep 755: Dr. Superstar Leads Sweden's Battle With The Virus

Philip O'Connor reports from Stockholm on the latest Covid-19 developments in Sweden, and the role of the country's high-profile state epidemiologist, Anders Tegnell.

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Ep 754: People - Our Principle Export And Emigration Not An Option This Time

Diarmaid Ferriter talks to Eamon about Ireland's history of emigration.

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