Ep 615: The Death of An American Icon

Hannah Thornton, Irish basketball player, and Jarlath Regan, comedian and basketball fan, talk to Eamon about the tragic death of Kobe Bryant.

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Published: 01/27/2020 google_podcasts_badge_svg Created with Sketch.

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Ep 1092: Age and Wealth Do Not Protect Hong Kong Dissidents From China's Wrath

Taiwan-based journalist William Yang talks to Eamon about China's crackdown on protestors in Hong Kong. And Chinese tycoon, Jack Ma, goes missing.

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Ep 1091: ESL – Sad, Mad, or Bad, Florentino Perez Isn't Giving Up

Richard Fitzpatrick reports from Barcelona on the collapse of the European Super League, and the influence of the Real Madrid president on the footballing world.

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