Ep 8: In Conversation with Paul Kimmage, Part 1

In part one, Eamon Dunphy speaks to Paul Kimmage about life as a cyclist and the pressure to take performance enhancing drugs in professional cycling. Don't miss 'Ep 9: Hunting Lance Armstrong', the second part of Eamon's interview with Paul Kimmage, on 26th December.

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Published: 12/23/2016

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Ep 1086: European Super League - Bankers Try to Steal the People’s Game

John Giles joins Eamon to talk about soccer's proposed European Super League, Tottenham's sacking of José Mourihno and the weekend's matches.

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Ep 1085: George Floyd, The Donald and Insurrection in Washington as Viewed from Moscow

Bryan MacDonald, Head of the Russia Desk at RT Online, talks to Eamon about Biden's approach to Russia, the Navalny case, and tensions on the Ukraine border.

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Ep 1084: Vaccines a Game Changer But Opening Schools is Unwise

Tomás Ryan insists that teachers should be prioritised for vaccination. Tomás is Associate Professor at the School of Biochemistry & Immunology, TCD, and founding member of ISAG, talks to Eamon.

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