Lara Marlowe

Lara Marlowe is the France Correspondent with the Irish Times.

Ep 1406: French Election - Relief in Europe As Macron Wins But Troubling Trends Emerge

Lara Marlowe, Paris Correspondent for The Irish Times, joins Eamon to talk about Emmanuel Macron's victory in the French Presidential Election and what it means for France.

Ep 1403: Europe Holds Its Breath Lest France Elect Marine LePen

Lara Marlowe spoke to Eamon following the first round in the French Presidential election that saw Emmanuel Macron and Marine LePen make it through to be the two candidates in next Sunday's final vote. Lara Marlowe in Paris Correspondent for The Irish Times.

Ep 1380: No End In Sight For the Victims of Putin’s Apocalypse

Lara Marlowe joins Eamon to talk about the the war in Ukraine. Lara is currently in Lviv in Ukraine as a correspondent for The Irish Times.

Ep 1365: War in Ukraine - On The Front Between Barbarism and Civilisation

Journalist Lara Marlowe talks to Eamon from the city of Lviv in Ukraine. She tells some of the stories of refugees arriving in the city to escape war, the citizens of the city and also of the men arriving in Ukraine to join the fight against the Russian invasion. Lara is a correspondent for The Irish Times.

Ep 682: Covid-19 Special – Death, Despair, and No Easy Answer as Pandemic Sweeps the World

In a special episode, Eamon is joined by contributors from around the world – Peter Goff in China, Lara Marlowe in France, Richard Fitzpatrick in Barcelona, and Paddy Agnew in Italy – to discuss the political and social effects of the coronavirus on their respective countries.

Ep 617: The Pension Debate – A French Perspective

Lara Marlowe, Paris correspondent with the Irish Times, talks to Eamon about Macron's pension wars.

Ep 389: French citizenship and the infinite sadness of the Notre Dame Inferno

Lara Marlowe, Paris Correspondent with the Irish Times, talks to Eamon about becoming a French citizen and the devastating inferno at Notre Dame Cathedral.

Ep 346: From hero to (almost) zero, Macron fights for his political life.

Lara Marlowe, the Irish Times Paris Correspondent, talks to Eamon.

Ep 316: Can Macron survive the Gilets Jaunes?

Eamon is joined on the line by Lara Marlowe, Paris correspondent of the Irish Times, to discuss the ongoing protests in France, and asks if President Emmanuel Macron can survive.