Paddy Agnew

Paddy Agnew is a Vatican, news and football reporter based in Rome.

Ep 682: Covid-19 Special – Death, Despair, and No Easy Answer as Pandemic Sweeps the World

In a special episode, Eamon is joined by contributors from around the world – Peter Goff in China, Lara Marlowe in France, Richard Fitzpatrick in Barcelona, and Paddy Agnew in Italy – to discuss the political and social effects of the coronavirus on their respective countries.

Ep 678: Italy's Tragedy - Liam Brady and Paddy Agnew on the Country They Love

Liam and Paddy join Eamon to talk about Italian family and society, soccer and the devastation being caused by Covid-19.

Ep 136: Italian voters reject Europe and their own elite

Eamon is joined by Paddy Agnew from Italy to discuss the extraordinary outcome of the Italian general election, and the repercussions it might have for that country and for Europe.