Patricia McKenna

Patricia McKenna served as Green Party MEP for Dublin for ten years. She is currently a practicing barrister.

Ep 631: A Radical Green Agenda

Patricia McKenna, former Green Party MEP, talks to Eamon about the need to connect the Green movement with working class voters, and the dangers of going into government.

Ep 515: Climate Change - Good intentions are not enough

Patricia McKenna talks to Eamon about Climate Change and Brexit.

Ep 452: From Beef to Bankers to the Backstop

We need to talk about the EU's cynical treatment of Ireland. Patricia McKenna joins Eamon in the studio.

Ep 418: Patricia McKenna on the Euro Elections.

Patricia discusses this week's election for the European Parliament.

Ep 384: Brexit - Patricia McKenna talks to Eamon

Patricia McKenna and Eamon discuss the most recent developments in Brexit negotiations.

Ep 327: Brexit: will Europe throw Ireland to the wolves?

Patricia McKenna talks to Eamon about Ireland's mistake in backing the EU and alienating Britain.

Ep 290: Europe - Truth, lies and threats

Eamon is joined by former MEP Patricia McKenna to discuss Brexit, the European Union, and the implications for Ireland.