7 episodes about climate-change

Ep 1190: A Very Bad Week for American Democrats

Niall Stanage joins Eamon from Washington to discuss a difficult week in American politics.

Ep 631: A Radical Green Agenda

Patricia McKenna, former Green Party MEP, talks to Eamon about the need to connect the Green movement with working class voters, and the dangers of going into government.

Ep 515: Climate Change - Good intentions are not enough

Patricia McKenna talks to Eamon about Climate Change and Brexit.

Ep 513: Can the Greens take a seat in Mayo? Saoirse McHugh tells us why she's willing to try

Eamon is joined in the studio by Saoirse McHugh, a breakout candidate for the Green Party during the European elections earlier this year.

Ep 500: Climate change – the nuclear option?

Kirsty Gogan, co-founder and executive director of Energy for Humanity, talks to Eamon.

Ep 478: Climate Change - Business as usual no longer an option. The Nuclear alternative.

Kirsty Gogan, Director of Energy for Humanity, and journalist John Gibbons discuss with Eamon.