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Ep 40: Conte's Big Mistake Offers Spurs a Lifeline

Eamon is joined by Liam Brady and John Giles to discuss Chelsea v. Man Utd, the decline of Barcelona and Conte's first big mistake. Liam criticises Eamon's depiction of players as donkeys: "it's inappropriate from someone who played for Millwall in a league of donkeys".

Ep 7: A Dunphy apology, John Giles on Wenger, and Liam Brady on the coach of the season

On this episode of The Stand, Eamon Dunphy is joined by John Giles and Liam Brady. It begins with an apology from Eamon to Man United fans and Jose Mourinho; the panel discuss Arsenal's defeat to Man City after which John says despite his admiration for Arsene Wenger he'd give on him now; while Liam says Chelsea's Kante and Conte are player and coach of the season so far.

Ep 2: This is why Mourinho is toast, he's gone

Has Jose Mourinho lost the Man Utd dressing-room already? With his continuing antics off the pitch and the team's struggles on it, Eamon Dunphy, Liam Brady, John Giles and Didi Hamann discuss the importance of fostering team spirit to give you the extra 2-3%.

Ep 1: Klopp's a one-trick pony, Mourinho's mess, and Guardiola's biggest test yet

On the first episode of The Stand, Eamon Dunphy, John Giles, Liam Brady and Didi Hamann give their assessment of the Premier League season so far.