10 episodes about economics

Ep 834: Covid-19 – The Terrifying Prospect of Businesses Collapsing and Mass Unemployment

Economist Dan O'Brien talks to Eamon about finding ways to live with the virus so that the economy can survive.

Ep 807: Government Stimulus Welcome but Brexit Looms Ugly in the Background

Eamon is joined by Chris Johns to discuss what the government's new stimulus package sets out to achieve and whether it will be enough to do the job.

Ep 704: Covid-19 – Facing a Mountain of National Debt, Can We Walk Away?

Chris Johns talks to Eamon about the response of the British government to the coronavirus crisis, and the possibility of debt forgiveness.

Ep 680: Every Chance This Could End Badly

Dan O'Brien and Chris Johns join Eamon to discuss the long-term economic impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Ep 659: Coronavirus - Economically Dangerous But Hard to Predict

Economist Dan O’Brien talks to Eamon about the economic threat of COVID-19.

Ep 626: Ireland Booms and Suffers – we ask two economists why

Dan O'Brien and Chris Johns join Eamon to discuss the disconnect between thriving economic indicators and frustrated voters eager for change.

Ep 591: The Dangers and Opportunities of Brexit

Economist and columnist Dan O'Brien talks to Eamon about the links between politics and economics during a turbulent time for Europe and the United States.

Ep 96: David Hall, CEO of Irish Mortgage Holders, on Ireland's Delinquent Bankers

David Hall is a campaigner, CEO of the Irish Mortage Holders Association and founder of New Beginnings, which set out to guide people through the economic crisis. He joins Eamon to dissect the origins of tracker mortgages and how Shane Ross, once poacher of Ireland's delinquent bankers has become the least vocal.

Ep 90: Tony Connelly on Brexit & All You Need to Know About the UK Leaving the EU

Tony Connelly is the Europe Editor for RTÉ News, based in Brussels. His latest book "Brexit & Ireland: The Dangers, The Stories & The Inside Story of the Response" is available at all good book shops now.

Ep 74: Ireland - A Conservative View

Eamon is joined by Cormac Lucey, a chartered accountant, Sunday Times economics columnist and former advisor to Michael McDowell.