4 episodes about facebook

Ep 599: Facebook – Scarier Than The Department of Defense

US software engineer Dash Winterson talks to Eamon about the changes wrought by the tech industry during the last decade, and looks ahead to what's coming down the line.

Ep 370: The Internet: friend or deadly foe? Dash Winterson talks to Eamon.

Software engineer, Dash Winterson, talks to Eamon about the origins and impact of the internet.

Ep 364: Facebook - Start-up engineer Dash Winterson talks to Eamon

Eamon and Dash talk about Facebook, it origins and what it has become.

Ep 153: Zuckerberg talks to Congress, Trump talks war

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has appeared before the US congress to answer questions about Facebook, privacy issues, Cambridge Analytica and more, while Donald Trump has been using Twitter to threaten Syria with missile strikes. Niall Stanage joins Eamon from Washington for the latest on both those stories.