5 episodes about france

Ep 1212: No Longer a Player in International Affairs But France Remains Sanguine

Simon Kuper talks to Eamon about the reaction in France to the AUKUS deal, Emmanuel Macron as he faces an election in 2022 and the impact of Angela Merkel's departure from German politics. Simon Kuper is a columnist with the FT and author of Barca: the Inside Story of the World's Greatest Football Club.

Ep 1151: The Euros – France A Nation Slow To Embrace Its Team

Simon Kuper, journalist with the Financial Times and author of several books on world football, talks to Eamon about the French national team's importance to their country, and their chances at the Euros.

Ep 682: Covid-19 Special – Death, Despair, and No Easy Answer as Pandemic Sweeps the World

In a special episode, Eamon is joined by contributors from around the world – Peter Goff in China, Lara Marlowe in France, Richard Fitzpatrick in Barcelona, and Paddy Agnew in Italy – to discuss the political and social effects of the coronavirus on their respective countries.

Ep 617: The Pension Debate – A French Perspective

Lara Marlowe, Paris correspondent with the Irish Times, talks to Eamon about Macron's pension wars.

Ep 389: French citizenship and the infinite sadness of the Notre Dame Inferno

Lara Marlowe, Paris Correspondent with the Irish Times, talks to Eamon about becoming a French citizen and the devastating inferno at Notre Dame Cathedral.