4 episodes about john-waters

Ep 167a: 8th Amendment Referendum: John Waters (NO)

In the first of two special episodes around the upcoming 8th Amendment Referendum, Eamon speaks briefly to John Waters who walks out very early on into the recording as he outlines his position on the 'no' side.

Ep 54: Donald Trump - Victim or Villain?

In the first part of the show, Eamon is joined by John Waters to discuss his view on Donald Trump. In the second part of the show, The Hill columnist Niall Stanage gives a special report on James Comey's testimony from the White House press room.

Ep 12: John Waters - An Irish Dissident Silenced, Part 2

In the second episode of this two-part interview, Eamon is joined by journalist John Waters.

Ep 10: John Waters - An Irish Dissident Silenced, Part 1

Eamon Dunphy in conversation with John Waters.