9 episodes about maurice-mccabe

Ep 313: Another Garda whistleblower emerges

Mick Clifford, Special Correspondent with the Irish Examiner, joins Eamon with another story from behind the scenes of An Garda Síochána.

Ep 273: Maurice McCabe the final say

In the wake of RTE's Whistleblower documentary, Mick Clifford of the Irish Examiner joins Eamon to discuss Maurice McCabe and whether or not those responsible for perpetrating the 'campaign of calumny' against him will be held accountable.

Ep 165: Mick Clifford

Did the missing laptops and phones hold secrets about Maurice McCabe? Mick Clifford of the Irish Examiner with the latest from the Disclosures Tribunal.

Ep 129: Mick Clifford on the Disclosures Tribunal

Eamon is joined by Mick Clifford of the Irish Examiner to get the latest from the Disclosures Tribunal, the potential fallout, media involvement and more.

Ep 123: The long, lonely road of Maurice McCabe

Mick Clifford of the Irish Examiner discusses the treatment of Sergeant Maurice McCabe and his grotesque treatment as the Disclosures Tribunal continues at Dublin Castle.

Ep 87: Official Ireland's Campaign to Destroy Sgt. Maurice McCabe

Mick Clifford, special correspondent for the Irish Examiner, tells the story of an honest cop in his new book, 'A Force for Justice: The Maurice McCabe Story'.

Ep 67: Disclosures Tribunal - A Special with Mick Clifford

As the Charleton Tribunal enters its fourth week, Mick Clifford reports on the latest information to emerge from the inquiry.

Ep 63: Mick Clifford on the Extraordinary Evidence at the Charleton Tribunal

Eamon is joined by Mick Clifford, the Irish Examiner's special correspondent, for an in-depth look at the evidence from the first module of the Charleton Tribunal.

Ep 22: Mick Clifford on the Maurice McCabe Affair

Mick Clifford talks to The Stand exclusively about the Maurice McCabe affair.