5 episodes about roy-keane

Ep 448: A profile of Roy Keane

Eamon and John Giles discuss the career of one of Ireland's greatest soccer players.

Ep 398: John Giles and Liam Brady review the week's Premier League games.

John and Liam review the week's Premier League games and praise Roy Keane for calling out Paul Pogba, Graeme Souness and Gary Neville.

Ep 224: Ireland's beating in Wales & Roy Keane's future with the Irish soccer team

Eamon talks to Liam Brady and John Giles about Ireland's beating in Wales and Roy Keane's future with the Irish soccer team.

Ep 36: Dunphy on Why Roy Keane Should Stop Doing Press Conferences Before Ireland Games

Eamon, Liam Brady and John Giles review the weekend's football and preview the critical Premier League matches coming up. Liam thinks Man City are a long way from achieving their goal of winning the Champions League. John says that despite losing at home to Crystal Palace, Chelsea are still in the running to win the Premier League.

Ep 21: Damien Duff on street football's passing, playing for Mourinho and the McCarthy-Keane scandal

Damien Duff joins Eamon to talk about coaching the under-15s team: "Kids don't play football on the street anymore, and it's hurting us," he says. They discuss his time at Chelsea, his thoughts on Mourinho this season and he reflects on the McCarthy-Keane row in Saipan.