8 episodes about russia

Ep 1085: George Floyd, The Donald and Insurrection in Washington as Viewed from Moscow

Bryan MacDonald, Head of the Russia Desk at RT Online, talks to Eamon about Biden's approach to Russia, the Navalny case, and tensions on the Ukraine border.

Ep 918: Covid-19 - Virus Out of Control in Putin's Russia

Bryan MacDonald, journalist with RT, talks to Eamon about Covid-19, Trump v Biden and Putin v Merkel.

Ep 811: The View from Russia

Bryan MacDonald, journalist with RT, talks to Eamon.

Ep 810: Democracy Is Asleep While Tyrants Grow Bolder

Ruadhán MacCormaic, Assistant Editor, The Irish Times, talks to Eamon.

Ep 760: While Trump Retreats to Isolation Putin Seeks Allies in Europe

Bryan MacDonald, an Irish Journalist working with RT (Russia's English language broadcasting service) talks to Eamon.

Ep 718: A View from Russia - On Putin, Covid-19 and Other Things

Bryan MacDonald, Journalist with RT in Russia, talks to Eamon.

Ep 521: Down but not quite out – Ireland's Rugby World Cup continues

Neil Francis joins Eamon to discuss the flawed victory over Russia.

Ep 101: Are we going to Russia?

Eamon is joined by Liam Brady and John Giles to discuss the 0-0 draw with Denmark on Saturday night, the second leg at the Aviva on Tuesday, and to assess the chances of qualification for the World Cup in Russia next summer.