4 episodes about shane-ross

Ep 824: FAI Crisis – Visionaries' Vision Looking a Bit Blurred

Mark Tighe, Journalist of the Year with the Sunday Times and co-author of 'Champagne Football: The Rise and Fall of John Delaney and the FAI', talks to Eamon about the ongoing arguments between those who seek to govern Irish football.

Ep 820: More Trouble at the FAI – The Mess Shane Ross Left Behind

Gavin Cooney, journalist with The 42, and Brendan Dillon, former chairman of the League of Ireland, join Eamon to discuss the latest controversy in Irish football.

Ep 322: Shane Ross is not helping with Brexit preparations

Verona Murphy, President of the Irish Road Haulage Association, joins Eamon to discuss the implications of a no deal Brexit, and suggests that Minister for Transport Shane Ross is not doing enough to help industry prepare.

Ep 34: Deputy John Halligan on the Bus Strike, Shane Ross and Being in Government with Fine Gael

Eamon is joined by Deputy John Halligan, Minister of State for Training and Skills, to talk about the current political climate, the escalating crisis in public transport and what Minister for Transport Shane Ross should be doing about it.