11 episodes about sinn-fein

Ep 1152: United Ireland – An Irresistible Cause, The Question Is How

Eamon is joined by Eamonn McCann to discuss the seemingly inevitable border poll, and the current state of the DUP.

Ep. 1087: Sinn Féin's Abú Database, Is There Anything To See?

Fionnan Sheahan, Ireland Editor of Independent Newspapers, talks to Eamon.

Ep 1076: Northern Ireland Crisis – The Platitudes of the Good Friday Agreement No Longer Serve

Eamonn McCann talks to Eamon about the violent unrest seen in Belfast over the last week.

Ep 1073: Nationalist Ireland Undermining the Good Friday Agreement

Loyalist Billy Hutchinson gives a unionist perspective. Billy Hutchinson is the leader of the Progressive Unionist Party in Northern Ireland. He recently wrote an autobiography, My Life in Loyalism.

Ep 655: Eamonn McCann: Can You Govern a State You Don't Recognise?

Eamon McCann on the dilemma facing Sinn Féin.

Ep 652: Unionist Fears Rise Following Sinn Féin Surge and As Mistrust of Boris Sets In

Ben Lowry, Deputy Editor of the Belfast News Letter, talks to Eamon.

Ep 638: Sinn Féin Sends Shiver Down Loyalist Spines

Billy Hutchinson, leader of the Progressive Unionist Party in Northern Ireland, talks to Eamon.

Ep 637: Burned – Exposing the Cash-For-Ash Scandal

Sam McBride, author of the acclaimed book 'Burned: The Inside Story of the 'Cash-for-Ash' Scandal and Northern Ireland's Secretive New Elite', talks to Eamon.

Ep 635: All to play for, but economics will decide – Bertie Ahern on the election

Former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern talks to Eamon about political messaging, potential coalitions, and the prospects for the North.

Ep 595: One Man's Terrorist – A Political History of the IRA

Daniel Finn talks to Eamon about the splits, the victories, and the future of the Irish republican movement.

Ep 16: Eamonn McCann on the Future of Sinn Féin and What Brexit Means for Northern Ireland

Eamon Dunphy is joined by the politician, journalist and political activist Eamonn McCann to discuss Sinn Féin in the wake of Martin McGuinness' retirement and what impact Brexit will have on Northern Ireland.