5 episodes about spain

Ep 910: Spain Prepares for Saddest Clasico Ever In A Country Bitterly Divided by Covid Pandemic

Ahead of an unusual meeting between Barcelona and Real Madrid, Richard Fitzpatrick talks to Eamon about the Spanish second wave.

Ep 827: Spain Tortured By Coronavirus

Richard Fitzpatrick reports from Barcelona on the surging numbers of Covid-19 cases across Spain, and discusses a chaotic summer so far for Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Ep 682: Covid-19 Special – Death, Despair, and No Easy Answer as Pandemic Sweeps the World

In a special episode, Eamon is joined by contributors from around the world – Peter Goff in China, Lara Marlowe in France, Richard Fitzpatrick in Barcelona, and Paddy Agnew in Italy – to discuss the political and social effects of the coronavirus on their respective countries.

Ep 539: No Quick End to Catalan Troubles

Richard Fitzpatrick reports from Barcelona.

Ep 95: Colm Tóibín on the Crisis in Catalonia

Colm Tóibín first went to Barcelona in 1975 as a 20-year-old (two months before the death of General Franco). He stayed for three years, working as a teacher and returned many times over the years, writing about his love affair with the region in his book Homage to Barcelona. In this episode, he joins Eamon to give an insight into the current situation in the region.