7 episodes about taiwan

Ep 1233: China Ratchets Up the Pressure on Taiwan

William Yang joins Eamon to talk about Xi Jinping’s threatening rhetoric stating that Taiwan definitely has to reunite with China.

Ep 1213: Taiwanese Remain Optimistic They Can Survive Chinese Belligerence

Journalist William Yang talks to Eamon following the announcement of the AUKUS deal and China's reaction to it.

Ep 1188: Taiwan - Will America's Retreat from Afghanistan Embolden China?

Journalist William Yang talks to Eamon from Taiwan as the US completes its withdrawal from Afghanistan and about China's brutal suppression of human rights protest in Hong Kong.

Ep 1145: The Scale of China's Global Ambitions Becoming Clear

Journalist William Yang reports from Taiwan.

Ep 1130: Growing Chinese Aggression in Hong Kong and Taiwan

Journalist William Yang talks to Eamon about the recent Covid outbreak in Taiwan, as well as the increasing tensions between China and its neighbours.

Ep 1068: Generals Back in Charge in Myanmar

Taiwan-based journalist William Yang talks to Eamon about the bloody political upheaval in Myanmar.

Ep 1004: Living Next Door To Tyrants

William Yang, East Asia Correspondent for DW, the German international broadcaster, talks to Eamon from Taipei in Taiwan.