4 episodes about the-monk

Ep 1205: How The Monk Was Caught

Nicola Tallant, Investigations Editor for the Sunday World, talks to Eamon about the pressures that saw Gerry ‘the Monk’ Hutch being captured and how George ‘the Penguin’ Mitchell remained neutral in the Kinahan / Hutch feud.

Ep 1181: The Monk Captured At Last - A Profile of The Legendary Dublin Criminal

Nicola Tallant, Crime Investigations Editor at the Sunday World, joins Eamon to talk about Gerry Hutch following his recent arrest and imprisonment in Spain.

Ep 1093: Ireland Hit By Cocaine Tsunami. Arrest Warrant Issued For The Monk

Nicola Tallant, investigations editor with the Sunday World, talks to Eamon about the ever-increasing amount of cocaine arriving on European shores, and the new arrest warrant for The Monk.

Ep 122: The Dapper Don is finished

Nicola Tallant, Investigations Editor with the Sunday World, with the latest on the Hutch - Kinahan feud, more murders, their middle-eastern difficulties, and more.