4 episodes about vaccine-rollout

Ep 1134: Covid 19 - Young People Be Careful, Long Covid Can Cause Serious Problems

Tomás Ryan, Associate Professor at the School of Biochemistry & Immunology, Trinity College Dublin, and member of ISAG, talks to Eamon about the success of the vaccine rollout and the risks of Covid that still prevail.

Ep 1074: Covid-19 - No Legal Impediment to Border Controls for EU Citizens

Naomi O'Leary, Europe Correspondent for the Irish Times, reports from Brussels.

Ep 1056: Vaccine Export Ban Still an Option for Bruised EU

Naomi O'Leary reports from Brussels on the bitterness between the EU and the UK. Naomi is Europe Correspondent for The Irish Times and host of The Irish Passport Podcast.

Ep 1040: Covid-19 - No Coherent Vaccine Strategy Hinders Rollout Across EU

Naomi O'Leary, Europe Correspondent for The Irish Times, talks to Eamon.