7 episodes about washington

Ep 421: The politics of insult: governance as farce in Washington.

Niall Stanage joins Eamon and discusses Trump v Pelosi.

Ep 360: Niall Stanage reports from Washington

Niall Stanage talks to Mick Clifford about the Democratic nominations for the 2020 Presidential Election.

Ep 357: Niall Stanage reports from Washington.

Niall Stanage reports on Michael Cohen's testimony before Congress, the impact on Donald Trump and Trump's talks with Kim Jong-un in Hanoi.

Ep 315: Trump ups the stakes over the wall

Eamon is joined by Niall Stanage of The Hill who has the latest from Washington as the government shut down continues and Trump stands firm over the wall.

Ep 50: A Trump Special with Niall Stanage

Niall Stanage is The Hill's White House columnist. He worked for the Sunday Business Post, Magill and Hot Press before emigrating to the United States. The Hill is Washington's biggest selling newspaper and has a large online presence.