9 episodes about afghanistan

Ep 1224: Life Under the Taliban - American Photojournalist Reports from Kabul

American Photojournalist Victor J Blue (www.victorblue.com) reports from Kabul amid signs that the West will recognise the Taliban regime.

Ep 1204: European Union - Searching for a Role in a Dangerous Changing World

Naomi O'Leary, Irish Times Europe Correspondent, talks to Eamon from Strasbourg.

Ep 1190: A Very Bad Week for American Democrats

Niall Stanage joins Eamon from Washington to discuss a difficult week in American politics.

Ep 1188: Taiwan - Will America's Retreat from Afghanistan Embolden China?

Journalist William Yang talks to Eamon from Taiwan as the US completes its withdrawal from Afghanistan and about China's brutal suppression of human rights protest in Hong Kong.

Ep 1186: Afghanistan - Fractured Alliances Pose A Threat To The West

Historian Diarmaid Ferriter and Chris Johns join Eamon to discuss the Afghan debacle, what caused it and how do we respond.

Ep 1183: No Hope No Glory As Britain Flees Afghanistan

Chris Johns talks to Eamon as angry Tories accuse the Johnson government of betrayal over botched withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Ep 1179: Afghanistan - The Graveyard of Empires Claims Another Victim

Journalist and author Toby Harnden joins Eamon to talk about US withdrawal from Afghanistan and the likely future for a divided nation.

Ep 1178: First it was Trump, Now Biden Puts America First

Niall Stanage talks to Eamon about the changing mood in America.