25 episodes about economy

Ep 1132: Covid Recovery – Unemployment A Greater Threat Than Inflation

Chris Johns joins Eamon to discuss inflation, debt, and Bitcoin.

Ep 1097: Europe Must Follow Biden's Lead In Post-Covid Economics

Economist Jim Power talks to Eamon about the supports necessary for small and medium businesses as the Irish economy gets ready to reopen.

Ep 1013: We’ll Do Whatever It Takes – Minister Paschal Donohoe on COVID-19

Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe talks to Eamon about the government's approach to tackling the coronavirus pandemic and the economic decisions that need to be made.

Ep 1011: COVID-19 - Europe Fails All the Tests

Chris Johns joins Eamon to talk about the EU's role in vaccine purchasing and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ep 948: The World's Economy in Uncharted Territory

Eamon is joined by Chris Johns and Jim Power to discuss the economic impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the different strategies used by the Irish and UK governments to deal with it.

Ep 922: Covid-19 - The Economy Going Places It's Never Gone Before

Economist Jim Power talks to Eamon about the short term and long term impact of lockdown.

Ep 883: Covid-19 - Facing Economic Waste Land

Economist Jim Power talks to Eamon.

Ep 875: Health v Wealth - Political Leadership Required to Get the Balance Right

Associate Professor Tomás Ryan and Mark Paul, Business Correspondent with the Irish Times, debate the choices we face.

Ep 768: Time For Ireland to Get Back to Work

Mark Paul, Business Affairs Correspondent for the Irish Times, talks to Eamon.

Ep 745: Real Jobs, Real Fear, Real Pain

Economist Jim Power talks to Eamon.

Ep 743: Uncharted Waters - The Greatest Economic Crisis in Modern History

Economists Chris Johns and Dan O'Brien discuss with Eamon.

Ep 721: Covid-19 - Solutions Can't Be Left to the Doctors

Economist Dan O'Brien talks to Eamon about the lockdown influence on the economy and Europe's inability to find a credible response to the impact of the virus.

Ep 714: Post Covid-19 - Capitalism But Not As We've Known It

Cormac Lucey, Economics Commentator, talks to Eamon.

Ep 709: Covid-19 - Capitalism's Greatest Challenge

Economist Jim Power talks to Eamon.

Ep 698: Covid-19 – No Happy Ending

Dan O'Brien joins Eamon to discuss the latest economic consequences of the coronavirus crisis.

Ep 689: Plunging into the unknown, no one knows where this will end

Economists Dan O'Brien and Chris Johns talk to Eamon.

Ep 686: Europe Must Unite or We Face Catastrophe

Economist Jim Power talks to Eamon.

Ep 676: Facing an Economic Wasteland if Governments Fail to Deal with Crisis

Economist Jim Power talks to Eamon about how Governments and banks must respond to the current crisis.

Ep 675: EU May Not Survive Covid-19 Economic Woes

Paul Sommerville, CEO of Sommerville Advisory Markets, talks to Eamon about the impact of the Coronavirus on the economy.

Ep 662: Covid-19 Could Lead to Economic Devastation

Economist Jim Power talks to Eamon.

Ep 493: Harry Crosbie - The Comeback Kid

Harry Crosbie talks to Eamon about recovery from the Crash.

Ep 481: Bad news for Trump - Greenland is not for sale and shadows loom over the economy

Niall Stanage, Associate Editor of The Hill and White House columnist, talks to Eamon.

Ep 83: Karl Deeter - Refunds, Rebates and Shopping Around

Financial advisor and analyst Karl Deeter talks about 'This Book is Worth €25,000', the book he co-wrote with Charlie Weston. He also talks about coping with the housing crisis.

Ep 52: NAMA - The Institution that Answers to No One

Jim Power is Chief Economist at Friends First and a columnist at the Irish Examiner. He joins Eamon to talk about NAMA.

Ep 47: Ronan Lyons on the Reasons for the Housing Crisis and Some Obvious Solutions

Ronan Lyons is an assistant professor in the Department of Economics at Trinity College Dublin and an economist at Daft.ie where he conducts extensive research into the Irish property market. He joins Eamon to discuss the situation facing renters, first time buyers and homeowners in the current housing crisis and what the government could be doing to remedy it.